The Network of Eritrean Civic societàies in Europe (NECS-Europe) held its fifth annual congress in Geneva Switzerland.

During the three day congress from the 20th to the 22nd of April, representatives of member organisations heard the annual report presented by the co-ordinating group and assessed the progress made over the past five years.
Having carried out an in-depth discussion on the objective realities of the worsening human rights situation in Eritrea, the unabated flow of young refugees out of the country and the current situation within the political organisations opposed to the Government of Eritrea, the Network passed resolutions and work programmes
reflecting the gravity of its concern and its commitment to work tirelessly in addressing the grave human and democratic rights violations occurring in Eritrea.
Also present at the congress were representatives from EMDHR – the South Africa based human rights organisation. Through their representative Binyam Y. Tekle EMDHR expressed their solidarity and readiness to enhance collaboration with NECS.
In a similar message from Reporters Without Borders Mr Leonard Vincent expressed his and his organisation’s readiness to strengthen relations with NECS and member organisations across Europe. Mr Vincent stated that RSF is ready to put its services at
the disposal of NECS to promote human and democratic rights in Eritrea. In response to this the Network declared the year 2007/2008 a year for media. Together with the working group, set up for the purpose of effecting enhanced utilisation of media
opportunities, member organisations have agreed to focus being a voice to the countless voiceless Eritreans inside the country and in exile.
At the closing session which was concluded by electing a new coordinating group, participants agreed that the successful congress was indeed a satisfying conclusion to challenging but crucial five formative years, and that this congress marked a new and
exciting chapter in the Network’s history.
List of current members of NECS-Europe
1. Coordinating Committee Eritrean Democrats – Italy
2. Eritrean Unity Movement – Norway
3. Eritreans for Human Rights E.V. – Germany
4. Eritreans for Peace – Germany
5. Eritreans for Human and Democratic Rights – UK (EHDR-UK)
6. Eritreans for Justice and Democracy – Benelux (EJDB)
7. Eritreans For Peace and Democracy – Suisse (EFDP-CH, Switzerland)
8. Popular Movement for Democracy in Eritrea - Sweden (PMDE, Sweden )
9. Snit Selam- Germany
10. Release Eritrea – UK

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Network of Eritrean Civil societàies in Europe (NECS-Europe)
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Eritrean Civic societàies in Europe Marked Five Years of Working Together.