AGAINST the war, capitalism, for strong stable relations at a European level with grass roots and alternative organizations for a common struggle.  10 years of struggling experience!
CUB (Confederation Unitaria di Base) grew out of a decision in 1992 in Milan following the decision of hundreds of union members and hundreds of workers to break with the policies of Cgil-cisl-uil; the traditional Italian unions which had shown themselves more and more subordinate to managerial ideologies and acted in agreement with government and company owners, that is not with the needs of workers.  
The broken-off group, CUB is much more interested in the grass-root needs of people, more interested in humanity, the needs of social justice and democracy, and against repression an war.
Our presence in anti-capitalist initiatives and the European Social Forum in Florence can be seen in light of its coherent following of values.  
CUB has upheld these values from the very beginning.   
In the last three years CUB has participated in the General Strike on May 13, 1999 and in the demonstrations against the Ex-Yugoslavia in which not only the Centre-left government but also the cgil-cisl-uil were in total agreement; or as they said a painful necessity.
Following a series of surveys and legal cases which lasted years, CUB and Medicina Democratica were admitted as a civil body in the case against the petrochemical industry of Marghera (Venice); here the court system with its rulings have been charged with slaughter and environmental disaster.
We were at the General Strike of July 20, 2001 against the G8 meeting in Genova with thousands of workers.  The strikes and the demonstrations in October against the Governments Libro Bianco policy which aims at making all jobs precarious positions.
A more widespread urgency for grass-roots unions grows out of a social scheme which considers the company level, job categories, and the national situation. In this way company owners and governments can be opposed, concretely Demonstrated against.  
Only at a European level can we group to struggle against war policies and capitalism.  
This explains why CUB has always tried to create widespread bonds in which to work and struggle against mainstream unions. 
In 2002 grass-roots unionism started 3 general Strikes where thousands of workers, limited-contract employees, and students, demonstrations against the war, antisocial-policies, disconcerting political moves, the Bossi/Fini law on immigration, privatizations, limiting contracts for private and Public workers, unjustifiable retirement pakages cut-offs, the exstending of article 18 which is a law which guarantees against firing without just causes, the defense of public schools, social safety nets, the National Health System, guarantees incomes etc.  
For a few years now, CUB has been running a front of struggle and initiatives working with the young and workers with limited-time contracts in collaboration with Chain Worker, a group which began with the May 1st demonstrations against limited-contract work and for European salaries. A great number of people were at these demonstrations; its enough to think that at this years there were 30,000 workers, mostly young, as well as participation on the part of many diversified Italian social centers.  From its beginning CUB has been working in numerous employment areas against sudden random firings which are masked as official lay-offs; often such firing were part of agreements made between companies and the Cgi-cisl-uil unions.
In recent days it has organised demonstrations against current FIAT plans which foresee the firing of thousands of workers and the closure of whole plants, like the one in Arese (Milan) and the one in Termini Imerese (Pa).
December 2002