HOW TO READ THE PAY-PACHET - Il dossier "come leggere la busta paga" è disponibile in italiano, spagnolo, francese e in inglese, nella sezione "salari e stipendi".

How to read yhe pay-packet .zip (prendi la busta paga in inglese agg. 31-3-2006)

An outline of the history of employment                              
Illegal work                                                                                       
Employment credits                                                                                  
Pay-packet structure                                                                   
Total remuneration                                                                       
Remuneration components                                                
Minimum wage                                                                        
Seniority increases                                                                             
Overtime, work on public holidays, night-work, shift work     
Regular wage                                                                                  
Meals and meal allowance                                                                
Other allowance types                                                            
Cost-of-living allowance                                                    
Working hours and reduction of working hours                                
Ex-public holidays                                                                                     
Annual leave                                                                        
Thirteenth month’s pay or Christmas bonus           
Fourteenth month’s pay or bonus payment                   
End-of-service allowance (TFR)                                    
Collective interim pay guarantee                                        
Family unit allowance                                                    
Social security contributions                                    
Social security contribution rates                                     
Annual earning certificate (CUD)                                       
Immigrant workers and deductions for family members          
Reference pay for calculating social security contributions   
Employment income taxation                                                        
Wages guarantee fund                                                              
Occupational mobility                                                                    
Ordinary unemployment benefit                                                        
Reduced unemployment benefit                                                        
Disciplinary sanctions                                                     
Individual dismissal                                                                             
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